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Wednesday 31 July, 2013

A. F. from Afghanistan

Dear WUF Team,

Less than 24 hrs after getting off a plane from Afghanistan and having made no real plans I was standing in one of the most beautiful beats I have ever fished; the only rod and, bar a few canoeists, with the river to myself.
Booking could not have been easier; I rang up mid morning and was casting by lunchtime. The team in the office were really helpful with info on where the best chances might be and what to expect on the river.

I have been fishing through WUF for a few years now and each time I am seriously impressed by how well organised it all is and how friendly everybody is. All I have to do now is catch a salmon!

Thank you all so much for so many happy and memorable days and for the many more I hope will come.

Kindest regards A. F.

Tuesday 1 May, 2012

H. J. from Bristol

Just thought I’d drop a note of encouragement; I’m relatively new to river fly fishing and I find your updates invaluable in helping me understand good / bad times to fish!... without them I would certainly be making many wasted trips – please keep up the good work (also worth noting the efficiency & professionalism of the booking office – much appreciated).

Tuesday 1 May, 2012

D. A. from Hampshire

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your news emails. I do think they are very useful both in terms of getting the message over about the good work you do and a great encouragement to fish the WUF waters. Prompted by your emails, I have been to WUF waters twice so far this year and enjoyed those days far more than my opening day on the Itchen!
More trips planned for when the floods abate.

Thursday 15 March, 2012

P. H. from Portishead

May I congratulate you and your team on the excellent quality of the Newsletter - it is both informative and well produced - the explanations of the work being undertaken and the abstractions from the river system to name but two projects are excellent - I have enjoyed reading it. Long may the dedication and hard work of your team continue.

Saturday 28 January, 2012

C. B. &. R. from South Wales

Beat: How Caple Court (Booking Office), Rod Type: Coarse, No. Rods: 3
“Thanks to Alison and in particular Adam for the very helpful conversation prior to booking. Having endured a series of problems in recent months with prominent organisations such as Apple, Travelodge and Royal Caribbean, the ordering experience once again pleasantly reminded me that the customer-service offered by the WUF is truly first-class.”

Wednesday 17 August, 2011

R. K. from Oxford

May I take this opportunity to say a general thank you and well done to the Foundation. I first fished the Wye more than 40 years ago and even though the salmon are no longer there in the numbers (and size) they were the Wye is a wonderful river. It is brilliant to see so many people working so hard and successfully to preserve it.

Tuesday 28 June, 2011

D. C. from Lincolnshire

Dear Sir,

I recently booked two beats Skenfrith and Monnow through your offices, to put the whole project in context I feel that a little background is called for.

My wife and myself were staying in the Cotswolds with friends from Denmark for a week’s holiday, the husband a keen fisherman asked me if I could arrange some fishing while he was in the country, on a river, being a new fly fisherman myself I thought it sounded like a good idea.

In this day and age even us silver surfers can track down a decent days fishing at a reasonable price, after all we have the might of the Environment Agency, Cotswolds Tourist Services and last but not least the Salmon and Trout Association, (of which I am a member).

To cut a long story short and hours surfing the net, I can safely say that all three parties are as much use as a chocolate fire guard, and without a shadow of doubt could not organise a night out in a brewery.

I returned to the net and stumbled across the Wye & Usk Foundation, undeterred by my previous experience I logged in to your website, I could not believe it, informative, well presented and full of information. Being a bit old fashioned I thought I would talk to the real people and see if the web actually stacked up in real life.

Here was another surprise, a member of staff who was helpful, knowledgeable and did what she said she would do. Armed with the information I sat down and narrowed down areas of we could travel to from the Cotswolds and the beats that looked interesting. Unfortunately one of the beats had to be booked though your offices, I thought here we go again, would I be lucky and get the same person I got last time. Well I didn’t but it did not really matter as the lady was equally knowledgeable and helpful, the beat was booked, the passport arrived in the post and the email confirmation arrived the same day.

Now we come to the actual operation of the visit, it could not possibly live up to the service I have so received from your staff, just goes to show how wrong a grumpy old man can be. The directions were spot on, the beat description was perfect and what is more, we even caught fish.

Can I thank your staff and your organisation for a wonderful service, please pass on our thanks to them, (I have previously phoned and spoken to one of your managers but with such service I felt I needed to write). We are currently looking to see when we can get back later in the year, I have told all our friends about your wonderful service, (I did want to keep it quiet as I do not want too many people using it.)

Should you have masochistic tendencies I think the fore mentioned organisations could benefit from your help and should you wish to take them over I would give my full support to such a move.

Once again, well done to all for a fantastic service and as the man said “We will be back”.

Thursday 22 April, 2010

M. S. from London

Dealing with Wye and Usk - always amazed at how efficient and helpful you all are.

Wednesday 21 April, 2010

M. H. from Gloucestershire

Just got off the phone from speaking to Wendy to buy some vouchers for the Passport scheme. And I have to write to tell you what a delight it is dealing with your organisation.

Over the last few weeks I have:
Taken delivery of two new cars from VW
Flown with BA.....and EasyJet
Travelled by train with Virgin
Stayed in a Hilton Hotel
Opened a business credit card account with Nat West
And bought Lion King tickets with Ticket Master..........

and none of these customer experiences were anywhere near as enjoyable as dealing with WUF.

Thank you.

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