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Sunday 27 November, 2016

M. M. from Abergavenny

Went to for a walk up the Grywne today to check for redds and came across some canoeists coming downriver. Their canoes could clearly be heard scraping across the stream bed - and these people call themselves environmentalists?

Tuesday 22 April, 2014

C. S. from Chichester

Fishing the Sheephouse beat, in between Glasbury and Hay:
"Bright sun, little wind, a very nice beat: lovely - until early afternoon when two out-of-control canoes with children (part of a group of 6-7 from a PGL in Brecon) ran me over and carried me into deep water! Helped out by the supervisor; all very apologetic, but I get Very wet :-(
No fish seen, but occasional trout rises."

Wednesday 10 July, 2013


Wednesday 10 July, 2013

G. B. from Sussex, Friday 1 June, 2012

Beat: The Arrow, Mowley Wood Beat (Wild Stream), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Fished 12.30 to 18.30 in a Mayfly Hatch which increased from a sporadic trickle to medium heavy by evening. Spinners were also busy laying. The fish tended to hold very close to cover on the banks and ambushed drifting Mayflies at the edge rather than midstream. Caught 17 trout around 12" in size all on dry CDC Mayfly emerger patterns. Events were brought to a halt for about an hour due to a group of youngsters drifting down stream on a raft and in 2 canoes. The fish did return to their stations and resumed feeding after a while however. At least there were no stick throwing dog walkers or poachers as encountered on several other beats though.
A thoroughly enjoyable day despite the interruption and clouds of Mayfly were still in the air when I departed.
Wednesday 10 July, 2013

T. E. from Bristol, Monday 4 June, 2012

Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

No fish. It was a mistake going on a bank holiday - canoes
made it practically unfishable until 4.00p.m.

J. S. from Sutton Coldfield, Saturday 4 August, 2012

Beat: Courtfield (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 1

Arrived at 7am full of anticipation as always wanted to fish this beat. Fished Legge Meadow roughly half way down. Baited my fancied swim & went for a wander, river looked superb & it really is a great stretch to be on.
Started fishing at 9-00 & hooked my first barbel at 9.20,a superb specimen at 8lb 3oz which fought like hell. 15 mins later landed a lovely chub which weighed 3lb 10oz.
Caught on & off until 2.45 when the river switched off. I ended up with 4 barbel (8lb 3oz,8lb, 6lb, 10oz, 5lb 6oz)plus 3 chub.
Stayed on till 7 pm without a bite after 3 pm
On the plus side,great service again from Wuf,superb beat,unbeatable scenery.
Now i,m sorry to say the down side,the bloody canoes.
As a fisherman i respect the rights of everyone to enjoy the glorious Wye but the canoe traffic was really heavy with waves & waves of muppets coming down the river,shouting,splashing with no regard for others.
At one point 6 canoeists (Polish or Lithuanian )paddled right up to me to ask for a light as they had lost their lighter,off they went discarding 3 beer cans into the river...unbelievable !!.

W. B. from Surrey, Sunday 29 July, 2012

Beat: Courtfield (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

Quite a lengthy report but I hope useful. Our day consisted of the good, the unbelievably bad and the very good. First of all, the beat is beautiful, the service from WUF excellent and the owner, Don, is friendly and helpful. We arrived early at 6.00am and enjoyed a few peaceful hours in this lovely setting, joined at about 7.00am by another angler, also a very nice guy, and his young son.
Then at 10.00am the first batch of canoes came down. From then on we never had a moment of peace and quiet. Some canoeists are decent people who understand the river etiquette but sadly a high proportion are loud-mouthed, ill-mannered yobs. They seem to have no appreciation of their surroundings and their idea of enjoyment is to drink lager and yell and swear at each other and anyone on the bank. They are quite intolerable, although I daresay they represent lots of money to the canoe operators who clearly don't care how they behave on the water. We left to get some lunch and when we returned there were 3 women in my swim holding some sort of prize presentation with a group of drunk canoeists. You cannot reason with these people so we left the fishery.
We decided to stay away until evening and returned at about 6.00pm. No canoes, peace and quiet and the barbel feeding well. Using groundbait/pellet feeder with halibut boilies we caught a fine stamp of fish between 7lbs and 9lbs as well as a few chub, so a good ending to the day. Such a pity that the natural beauty and tranquility has to be wrecked by people who don't appreciate it.
Wednesday 10 July, 2013

A. G. from Portishead, Saturday 11 August, 2012

Beat: Middle Ballingham & Fownhope No.8 (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 1

Fished from 9.30am and by 11.30am had 4 barbel. Fish were of a very good average size 7.5lb to 9.75lb. After that despite trying several different swims the fish just did not want to know. Canoe trafic was sparodic and the majority of canoeists were aware that someone was fishing and did their best to keep clear. However at about 4.00pm a large group of drunken 30 somethings proceeded to stage a mock water battle right in front of me resulting in two canoes capsizing to everyone's great amusement (except mine of course). When I remonstrated with them I was told where to go in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour from a small minority is becoming the scourge of fishing this fantastic river in the summer months.

C. H. a. B. P. from South Wales, Saturday 11 August, 2012

Beat: Foy Bridge (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

First time to visit this stretch. Bright and sunny throughout the day, with the river down and clear. Fished from early morning to early evening and for the majority of the day, both heron and kingfisher were clearly seen to be more successful than us humans at catching fish. Great to see though!
Peaceful and quiet for most of the time, the tranquillity was broken only by several canoes (most of whom were courteous) and more notably six boys, one of whom, having surveyed the scene from the bridge, waded into the river to retrieve bolt-cutters and some (very heavy) metal boxes from the river bed directly below the bridge. All items were taken back to their vehicles before leaving. Thought-provoking to say the least!
No indication of fish until approx 5pm. A roving approach meant we’d covered all fishable swims but persistence eventually paid off and C H managed one barbel weighing 5lb 2oz, caught on pellet (and also subsequently lost two more in quick succession). A lively, if frustrating end to hard day’s toiling in the sun.
Wonderful picturesque surroundings, very enjoyable wildlife, but another gentle reminder from the river as to who’s the boss.
D. O. from Somerset, Tuesday 7 August, 2012

Beat: Lower Canon Bridge (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 2

After quite a tiring walk along a rather wet and muddy track we arrived at the river. We fished just beyond the bend opposite the Weir Garden on a gravelly beach (a lovely spot) and began catching almost straight away, we ended the day with 19 barbel and 5 chub all caught on pellet. However around 1pm around 30 canoeists came round the bend and landed their craft on the same beach as we were fishing, they had no consideration for me as I had to stop fishing as they had totally surrounded me. I spoke to one lady who seemed to be in charge and she said that they had paid to land there which I found unbelievable. She told me that's tough - deal with it. I have never encountered such rudeness from fellow river users as I have always politely lowered or removed my lines in order to let canoes pass. I ended up losing about an hours fishing due to a bunch of loud mouthed, inconsiderate 18 to 30,s. I have spoken directly to the office regarding this (with more details of the canoe company) and I understand they are investigating the incident.

R. H. from LEDBURY, Wednesday 22 August, 2012

Beat: Skenfrith (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Didn't see any fish rising not much fly life. After about 2 hours fishing I heard an horrendous noise coming downstream. Turned out to be 2 large open metal canoes each carrying 3 people with their hulls scraping the rocks on the river bed, had to quickly move to the bankside. I had been looking forward to fishing this beat & didn't expect to be disturbed in this way. With my trip cut short by this experience I felt disappointed.

P. B. from South Wales, Sunday 26 August, 2012

Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Nil caught. Hooked a good fish by the Pylon swim, lost after a couple of minutes, not really sure why! Fished early, river rising and coloured. Should have thought more about fishing on a Sunday in August, with significant volume of canoes coming down the river.
Wednesday 10 July, 2013

T. K. from Tingrith, Saturday 15 September, 2012

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

We had a great day on a very pretty stretch of the Wye. Our Guide Tim Lennon was excellenat and Don the owner was really helpful and a nice chap. One rod roved the river, and whilst it managed to hook a few from the top pool, sadly none were landed. I fished the bottom pool for 9 barbel to the 7lb mark and 2 chub. Being a Saturday the canoes were present in large numbers which I think must have slowed the fishing down somewhat. I will definitely be back to fish this stretch and Courtfield too. Thanks to Tim and Don for a really enjoyable day.

J. P. from Solihull, Saturday 22 September, 2012

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

A difficult day on Wyebank but non the less enjoyable. Conditions less than ideal with one of the first frosts of the season with temps of 4 degrees on arrival and clear blue skies. I fished the top pool below the island, wading to reach the fishable areas with high hopes of catching chub by trotting a float. My partner in crime headed for the bottom pool with Don's advice echoing in his ears.
Needless to say we retired to The Courtfield Arms for a lunchtime pint to compare disappointing notes with one chub from the bottom pool and two trout from the top! I did manage to catch 3 canoeists (or should that be, they hit me) which did not improve my mood!
I do feel that some degree of competency is required before letting people loose on the river. If I'd been knocked off my 'waded feet' I'd have been trying find dry land some considerable way down stream, if at all.
The day ended with a total of 3 trout and a few dace to the float on maggots and one chub to the feeder and pellet but having walked Courtfield, nobody had caught as much there, so perhaps we should be content!
Thanks to Don and Rudi for there kind advice but ultimately I think the conditions and canoes were against us. We'll be back though.

r. f. from thatcham, Saturday 22 September, 2012

Beat: Sheephouse (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

Low,clear & very bright.Canoes non stop from 10am to 4pm no fish caught.Loads of dace in every swim we looked at.
Wednesday 10 July, 2013

S. M. from Colchester, Sunday 21 October, 2012

Beat: Sugwas Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

Another tough session on Sugwas court, barbel not very obliging. Only one chub of around 2.5 pounds caught between two anglers, variety of baits tried including pellets, corn, maggots on maggot clip and meat. River was dropping and looked fantastic, couple of disco canoes(music blaring) went past to add to our misery although probably didn't affect the fish too much as they must have been elsewhere.
Wednesday 10 July, 2013

C. F. from Nailsworth, Tuesday 9 April, 2013

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Water continues to settle and clear beautifully. Marginally warmer than last week (though colder than the weekend) and with some flies hatching it felt like I was in with a chance. Stopped when canoes came down in force.

Wednesday 10 July, 2013


Wednesday 10 July, 2013

C. F. from Nailsworth, Thursday 25 April, 2013

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Came early to beat the canoes. Got 3 hours in before peace shattered. Nice morning's fishing.

J. M. from London, Monday 6 May, 2013

Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Fished hard for 14 hours. No fish touched but a couple of travellers seen. Water in lovely condition. Loads of canoes though.

R. P. from Nailsworth, Sunday 5 May, 2013

Beat: Monnow Valley (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 2

River was fairly high and the pools were pretty deep. A little colour to the water. Not much fly life evident.
One brown trout caught in the morning on a Parachute emerger. Three missed fish on Black Gnat and Holy Grail nymph. One chub hooked by mistake in the afternoon on the nymph. Three canoes passed through the beat in the afternoon which diturbed things somewhat!

WUF note - There is no canoe agreement in place on this section of river so please report any sighting to us.

1 Trout, 1 Chub

L. B. from Stroud, Sunday 5 May, 2013

Beat: White House (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

10am to 1.30pm was a constant stream of canoes, what did I expect? However, this beat has a good length of fly water and if conditions were favourable I'm sure there would be a fish or two to be found. But not today.
One WBT of 1lb and a small pike tested my new outfit and I got to chat with one or two very nice people. I will be trying again if we get a bit more water!

1 Trout, 1 Pike

D. R. from , Saturday 25 May, 2013

Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 3

Lovely day. Lovely Water. Lovely conditions. Ruined by canoes. Perhaps 250 before lunch? Like fishing in a busy boating lake. Gave up at lunch time where we could bare it no more.

C. F. from Nailsworth, Tuesday 11 June, 2013

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Had my first certain salmon sighting of the season this evening - unfortunately 1 minute before the only canoes of the evening passed right over it. I left it for a while and went over it with different flies, but it wasn't to be. A nice shad taken on a brief visit the previous evening. It has been an enjoyable spring getting to know some good fly water and I'm quite relaxed about not catching anything that I was going to have to put back anyway. A far cry from earlier years. Maybe one day the powers that be will again grant us the right to take at least one fish home. Then the adrenalin might start to flow again!

A. S. from Marlborough, Monday 27 May, 2013

Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 3

Very early start to beat the canoes - fished hard till lunch sadly for nothing. 1 fish seen in Maddox and 5 in Vanstone right at the end of the beat. Canoes became unbearable around 12.30, but up to that point very enjoyable.

1 Chub

A. A. from Dorset, Saturday 15 June, 2013

Beat: Hay Castle (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

A damp day, with threatened more than actual showers and a brisk and gusty downstream wind making casting a little challenging. There was no evidence of insect life or fish rising when I arrived at about 11am, so I put on a home made (from tabby cat hair) nymph and ran it through some of the faster water to great effect. I caught 5 trout and a grayling in the first hour, ranging in size from tiny to a grayling and 2 trout of around 12 inches. At about midday, flies began to appear on the water and fish began to rise, so I tied on a dry fly and just as I made my first cast, the canoes arrived. I pointed out that there were no navigation rights above Hay bridge, but the group leader said there was a mistake in the rules and canoes were permitted up to Glasbury bridge. There was no point in fishing a dry fly, so I retired for lunch (and so avoided the rain). Returning in the afternoon, there were several more groups of canoes - some very considerate and taking the route that was likely to cause least disturbance and others splashing noisily 5 or 6 abreast across the river. I had an enjoyable day, catching 10 fish in total and missing several other takes, but I felt that it could have been much better and I was disappointed to find so many canoes when I was expecting none. What are the rules regarding canoes above Hay?
WUF Note: Please see the Navigation section of our website for Wye canoeing details.

9 Trout, 1 Grayling

H. E. E. from Towi, Saturday 22 June, 2013

Beat: Wyesham (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Brown with yellow/orange hackle, small aluminium tube fly (self tied no name fly) on floating line. Approx 10 lb, fresh silver fish released mid stream by grabbing line and taking out fly with fish still in water. No photo, no length, did not see sea lice but did not examine too closly due to quick release method. Will be back when I get over the canoes! A roped together lot nearly came over me infact.

1 Salmon

I. A. from Clehonger, Saturday 29 June, 2013

Beat: Perryhill (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

Halibut and crab pellets fished on hair rig and open 30g swim feeder.
Fishing was good with activity up until around 11:00 but very slow thereafter, with a procession of canoes through the afternoon over relatively shallow beat and no movement of fish or bites at all.
Access through farm and on map was confusing with a detour and two different tracks - not sure if we parked in the right place as the one we chose appeared to have an extra gate. Access to the water was tricky (barbed wire and nettles) but some good looking water once we found our way down.

2 Chub

T. W. from , Friday 28 June, 2013

Beat: Whitney Court (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 1

Difficult fishing conditions but in a short afternoon trip rewarded with 4 good barbel to 8lb and several chub between 2 and 4lb. Thanks to Tim the banks were all nice and trim but will soon be in need another seeing to. A few rods booked this weekend so try and be there before the canoes get to numerous. Good Luck.

T. M. from Glous, Tuesday 25 June, 2013

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

River flow seemed to increase dramatically after 10am .Lots of canoes (60+) but all politely paddled. Fish also politely declined my invitation.

B. M. from Oxford, Tuesday 25 June, 2013

Beat: Thomas Wood (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 2

River dropping with some debris. 3 nice chub including one over 5lb. Nice woody location but totally spoilt by canoes. There is a launch area on opposite bank. Teachers take out beginners who have to stick to banks go right through your swim. One teacher with a dog in boat became quite argumentative and provocative. Spoilt day. Hill climb back was knackering!

3 Chub

M. P. from Bath, Friday 5 July, 2013

Beat: Caradoc (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Very bright and hot so not ideal. Below the bridge was difficult due to dogs in the pools, canoes and people swimming. Very frustrating when you pay good money.

B. L. from London, Sunday 30 June, 2013

Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 1

Lovely stretch of the Wye (isnt all of it though!) and the fishing is not bad either. Started on the usual feeder tactics to locate and fish and found a few so set up the trotting rod and caught some by trotting down the long run.
There is a huge amount of canoe traffic here as there is a pub/picnic stop just where you park up so the flotilla of boats after lunch can be quite annoying. Having said that all of the canoes were respectful of me fishing (the ones that could steer anyway) and it didn't really effect the fishing.
All in all a great day.

6 Barbel, 6 Chub

G. B. from Gorsley Ross on Wye, Sunday 7 July, 2013

Beat: Lower Carrots & Luggsmouth (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 2

Very hot day and river fairly low we caught 1 eel and 1 chub on luncheon.
59 canoes, 6 kayaks and 2 men and a dog swimming opposite our swim. We will go back later in the year. It would be helful if fisherman could be supplied with more details of where to fish on the beats.

1 Chub, 1 Other

G. K. from Wigan, Saturday 6 July, 2013

Beat: Home Fishery (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 3

Early start, 2 eels, one very large from the Pumping Station. Later in the day fished what we think was Henrys pool, 5 chub, biggest around 5 pounds and 1 barbel. This is a fantastic looking stretch but needs to be a sign indicating beat start and end. Word of warning the canoes started at around 9.30am and did not stop until 5pm. After fishing the Wye for a long time I feel the canoes are starting to have a negative effect on the fishing. Too many for too long. Having said that will be back again for some of the best chub the UK has to offer.

1 Barbel, 5 Chub, 2 Other

K. C. from Redditch, Saturday 6 July, 2013

Beat: Seven Sisters (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 3

As we were fly fishing we headed for beats at the upstream end of the fishery. However being one of the hottest days of the year so far and being a weekend, we were certainly not alone on the river. Started casting some flies at Biblins crib only to be invaded by a large group of people swimming and generally thrashing about. Too many to confront. Moved down to Cobs cross which was a delight to fish but again interrupted by an amarda of canoes who seemed to gravitate to our lines. No fish seen all day. It was also very bright.

Wednesday 12 December, 2012

M. S.

Dear Sir,

As a paddler I would like to quickly express my thanks to whoever was responsible for the improved fence crossings at both the River Usk at Talybont and the River Wye at Newbridge. In both locations the task of getting canoes and kayaks down to the river is far easier with the boat friendly crossing points, especially for those of us paddling open canoes; whilst these may have been constructed a while ago I have only recently paddled these two stretches of river again after a few years break.

Thank you,


Monday 22 August, 2011

A. B. from Oxford

Back again!! Myself and my father started fishing at 7am and shortly after managed a 12lb mirror. After that no more action till a 3lb chub at about 2pm. Very sunny so I guess that didnt help.
More needs to be done about about the canoes, some pass by quietly but some actually stopped in our swim and started shouting and splashing about. The canoes all seem to come come from one or two hire places so maybe a phone call from the WUF asking them to ask their customers to be more courteous would not go amiss.

Monday 22 August, 2011

P. K. from Wiltshire

River very low and clear. Fished from 6.45 to 12. Took 5 barbel fishing pellet over a big bed of hemp. 4 fish between 4 and 5 ish pounds. Best fish was an absolute belter of 9lb 6oz. Plenty of other bites.

Canoe traffic was much lighter than I was expecting and to be honest the fish didn't seem to mind them. I even had bites when the canoes were directly over the fish. Mostly the canoeists were well behaved but for 2 morons paddling one canoe who thought it great fun to paddle directly towards drinking cattle and hit them in the faces with their paddles!

Monday 22 August, 2011

A. B. from Ipswich

Great day will be back as soon as possible.

Canoes most of the day but only those on "corporate team days" really caused any problems!

Monday 6 September, 2010

M. J.

Title: Recent email sent to Celtic Canoes, copied to the Foundation.Content:

To whom it may concern,

I was fishing at Winforton on Saturday and Sunday. Some of your Canoes were on the river. The behaviour of a great number of your customers was appalling. I am not against canoeing at all, in fact I have canoed down the Wye several times. There is room for fishermen and canoeists.

Your customers were

1. Shouting and screaming so that not only did they disturb the wildlife, had there been someone drowning no one would have taken any notice.
2. Empty bottles and drink can were being thrown into the river along with discarded paper cartons and crisp packets.
3. No consideration was taken towards me fishing, in fact some of your canoeists paddled within a yard or so of me whilst some did paddle down the other side of the river.
4. A number stopped in the pool I was fishing and mucked about, granted on the other side but it still disturbed the pool I was fishing.

This behaviour is totally uncalled for and is caused in the majority by ignorance by the fact that your company quite obviously does not given the customers a pep talk / lecture on how to behave on the river.

There is room for both canoes and fishermen providing the canoeists behave in a responsible way, respect fishermen, pass quietly on the far side of the stream where possible and DON'T STOP.

I know they were your customers as your company name was on the canoes along with the telephone number.

Wednesday 2 September, 2009

M. L. from London

Bank holiday canoe traffic made fishing virtually impossible until after about 2 pm as canoes were veering all over the river,one even bumped into the bank in front of me!

I fished a few swims with difficult access and had 6 Barbel between 4pm and 8 pm then finished off with a decent Chub.the best fish was a very hard fighting 9 lb the rest between 6lb to 8 lb.

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