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Tuesday 31 August, 2010

Recent email sent to Wye canoe hire company (Celtic Canoes), also copied to WUF.

To whom it may concern,

I was fishing at Winforton on Saturday and Sunday.
Some of your Canoes were on the river. The behaviour of a great number of your customers was appalling.
I am not against canoeing at at all, in fact I have canoed down the Wye several times. There is room for fishermen and canoeist.

Your customers were

1. Shouting and screaming so that not only did they disturb the wildlife, had there been someone drowning noone would have taken any notice
2. Empty bottles and drink can were being thrown into the river along with discarded paper cartons and crisp packets.
3. No consideration was taken towards me fishing, in fact some of your canoeists paddled within a yard or so of me whilst some did paddle down the other side of the river
4. A number stopped in the pool I was fishing and mucked about, granted on the other side but it still disturbed the pool I was fishing.

This behaviour is totally uncalled for and is caused in the majority by ignorance by the fact that your company quite obviously does not given the customers
a pep talk / lecture on how to behave on the river.

There is room for both canoes and fishermen providing the canoeists behave in a responsible way, respect fishermen, pass quietly on the far side of the stream where possible

I know they were your customers as your company name was on the canoes along with the telephone number.

Monday 28 June, 2010

Canoeing in Wales – Report from the Sustainability Committee

The long awaited report from the sustainability committee has been published and may be found at:

Although 65 pages long, pages 35 -65 comprise annexes and a list of those who submitted oral and written evidence, the latter taking some 25 pages to list! It is recommended reading and we commend the Committee for engaging with such a weight of evidence and coming to a conclusion when such a diverse range of extreme views exist.

There are 13 recommendations for the Minister, Jane Davidson, to consider. Essentially, the document proposes that voluntary agreements are the access method of choice and that these should be set up where possible. A number of other proposals are included to support this principal.
Mention is made in several sections of the agreements set up by the Wye and Usk Foundation (which currently operate above Hay and Crickhowell) and there is cause to believe that, as the only successful arrangements in force in Wales, they played a significant part in the resultant recommendation for voluntary agreements.

There are, however, two recommendations that need particular consideration in respect of the lower Usk where no agreement is in force:

• Recommendation 6. The legislation referred to in recommendation 5 should also place power on a lead authority to designate such bodies of water as ones to which access rights would attach compulsorily if no voluntary agreement could be reached.
• Recommendation 8. We recognise that neither the Welsh Ministers nor the Assembly currently have legislative competence to implement recommendations 5-7 and recommend that such legislative competence is sought as soon as possible.

The next step will be an announcement from the Minister in respect of any changes the recommendations might bring to the existing access strategy.

We will update this page accordingly.

Friday 28 May, 2010

Countryside Council for Wales notice to Wye Canoeists

River Wye SSSI, Glasbury: Disturbance to Wildlife

Due to the current low water levels and presence of nesting birds on many of the gravel banks and islands downstream from Glasbury, the Countryside Council for Wales are concerned that the potential for disturbance risk arising from canoeists and kayaks landing in these areas is particularly high, especially during the coming bank holiday period.

Consequently, we would like ask that all persons renting out canoes and kayaks or otherwise organising such activities make a particular effort to pass on the following advice to all those using boats on this part of the river:

To avoid disturbance to nesting water birds please do not land on the gravel banks and islands between 1 April and 31 July.

Wherever possible come ashore at recognised landing places (e.g. Hollybush Inn & Hay Warren) other than in emergencies.

This advice is also available on the Environment Agency Website and Powys County Council will be placing a notice to this affect at the Glasbury Bont launching site.

Please note that it a criminal offence to disturb nesting birds.

We would be grateful for your assistance in promoting responsible boating use in this area.

Thank you

David Drewett, Regional Ecologist

Tuesday 12 January, 2010

Using the Correct Access/Exit Points

Much to the frustration of local residents, canoeists have been exiting the river immediately below Llanwrthwl Bridge. This is a fish spawning area and must not be disturbed. The agreed access and exit point is another 50 yards downstream of the bridge, next to the sign. Please adhere strictly to this or we will lose this key access and egress point

Tuesday 3 November, 2009

Downloadable Maps

We are updating all the maps and details to include extensions and changes and have reduced the size of the pdfs to shorten the time taken to download them

Monday 2 November, 2009

Upper Wye Canoe Arrangements Extended

Canoeing can now take place in two new section s on the upper Wye: From Llangurig to Marteg confluence and from there downstream through Rhayader to Llanwrthwl. Full details to be found at A new launch site has been negotiated at Sennybridge please see Usk section

Friday 30 January, 2009

Problems at Sennibridge

We are receiving a large volume of complaints about early morning disturbance, canoeists changing in full view and the inevitable loud canoe 'Haka' before disembarking. We are trying to relocate the current Sennybridge access point.

Please, please keep noise and distrubance to a minimum while we renegotiate a new site

Wye and Usk Foundation

Friday 7 March, 2008

Canoeing Arrangements: Latest News

The Continuing Saga Final adjustments to the maps and signage are nearly complete and we are in the process of posting new maps and erecting signs. However,the weather has slowed down progress with the car park at Llangynidr. Please check the Navigation page to keep up to date with changes. We have marked the Spate Clause height on the Usk gauge only to see both Usk and Wye gauges disappear under a huge brown flood!

Best wishes from the Foundation

Thursday 1 November, 2007

Latest News.....

Its been a very dreary autumn for canoeing so far with each potential depression veering off to north or south leaving upper Wye and Usk only a few inches above summer level. However, there is hope that this will change in mid November and that once again rain will send the salmon up ... and the canoeists downriver.

Friday 19 October, 2007

Upper Wye Access Arrangements Launched

Jane Davidson AM, Assembly Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing today announced a series of projects to improve public access to rivers and lakes in Wales. The projects range from schemes to create new canoe trails to work on encouraging communities to make more use of local water resources for healthy outdoor recreation.

Speaking today in Builth Wells Ms Davidson said :

As part of the Welsh Assembly Governments countryside access agenda I am very keen to promote wider use of Wales superb environment for responsible recreation.

I am therefore delighted to be able formally to launch the new Wye and Usk River Plan which provides for canoe access on some 55 miles of these two major rivers. The plan has been produced with the agreement and co-operation of all the main interests anglers, landowners and canoeists and will provide a useful model for use elsewhere.

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