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Thursday 22 May, 2008

Sharing photos with Flickr

Many of you to our delight over the years have sent us some great photos of rivers, fish and wildife but as yet we haven't had a suitable place to put them. Now to solve part of that problem the WUF has got a "Flickr profile", Flickr is a website that enables you to upload, view & share your pictures over the Internet.

We can upload pictures you send to us to our profile but even better and easier is that you create your own profile and join our flickr group - this is a great way to browse other peoples' pictures and to get to know the various rivers and the fishing beats.

It should develop into a great place - have a look and get involved Here

Or join our group Here

The attached file has full intructions on how to get set up.

Wednesday 16 April, 2008

Mindless vandalism

It with considerable sadness that we report here the loss of the fishing hut at Luggs Mouth, which was burnt by mindless vandals over the Easter weekend. Numerous fishy tales had been swapped within it and many a fishermen had used as as shelter from the often inclement spring weather.

Tuesday 11 December, 2007

New Foundation Project Announced

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation has granted funds to the Foundation for an Invasive Weeds Eradication project in both Wye and Usk catchments. The project will tackle Giant Hogweed on the Wye and eradicate Japanese Knotweed before it takes over upper Wye and Usk tributaries. (Please see projects page) The project is called “Giving up the Weed”!

Friday 11 August, 2006

Filming on the Wye for Discovery Channel

Find out how John Wilson and Martin Bowler got on fishing the Wye.

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