European Fisheries Fund 2009-2012

Dwyrain Cymru Salar 2009

Axis 3, Article 38 of the EU fisheries fund in Wales includes the measure "The rehabilitation of inland waters, including spawning grounds and migration routes for migratory species", which is tailor made for the restoration of salmon, sea trout and eels in the Wye and Usk.

Wales is divided into two economic zones: Convergence and non Convergence with the line roughly north south. Eastern counties such as Powys and Monmouthshire are in the non Convergence zone. Our successful bid of £523,000 in 2009 also included some funding for our neighbouring trust on the Severn.

What is the project doing?

Fish Passage

The fund will enable new fish passes and easements to be built as well as the removal of further barriers. At last we have some funding for the lower Usk where barriers on a number of tributaries have excluded salmon (and trout) for a number of years. These include the Gavenny, Ffrwd and Bethin. On the Wye we have replaced the temporary fish pass on the Sgithwen and upgraded one on the Clettwr. In 2011 will make the Trothy passable once again. Building on a series of fish access projects in Herefordshire, completed with the aid of the Leader+ and WFD projects, this fund will also restore fish passage throughout the upper Lugg.

On the Severn we have surveyed the upper river including the tributaries Vyrnwy and Banwy.

This project could allow the completion of all fish passage requirements in the Welsh sections of our catchments.

Impassable weirs at Dolly Green on the upper Lugg (left) and on the Ffrwd, a lower Usk tributary.

Improving Habitat

Another 13km of habitat restoration is planned though we are confident of comfortably exceeding this target. Sites completed already include the Cilieni on the upper Usk and the Tarell, just outside Brecon. On the Wye, sections of the Camddwr, Nantmel Dulas and Ithon have been coppiced and fenced with instream cover being added. Other sites will be prioritised according to how badly damaged their habitat is.

A revetment on the Camddwr (left) to correct erosion problems, improve biodiversity and to increase fish numbers. The right hand photo shows a stream completed previously, providing plenty of cover for juvenile fish to hide from avian predators.

Acid Waters

Sand liming of first and second order forest streams on the upper Wye and Severn will take place during the spring, continuing and extending the work done in pHish.

Sand liming upper Wye streams to correct acidity problems.

The project started in September 2009 and will finish at the end of August 2012.


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