Lugg & Arrow, Radnorshire

The upper most part of the rivers Lugg and Arrow rise in east Wales, before flowing through the border towns of Presteigne and Kington. At this point, both are quite substantial rivers and since these upper reaches qualify for funding from East Wales European Regional Development Funds, and are in urgent need of restoration, we designed a project focussing on habitat restoration and fisheries development. Building on work delivered by the Foundation and its partners within the Leader + Projects downstream in Herefordshire (which established fish access within the lower Lugg and Arrow), the project's aims are: restoring the riparian habitat so that fish populations become self sustaining and encouraging the diversification of rural businesses to meet the growing demand for 'wild' fishing, thereby enhancing the rural economy of Radnorshire.

This will be achieved by implementing the following measures:

Work commenced on the Gladestry Brook, an important tributary of the Arrow, where coppicing and fencing was completed on 3.5km of river. Other sites completed during the project included the Lugg at Pilleth, Dolly Green, Litton, Rock Bridge and Achill, the Arrow at Wernol and Upper Hergest, the Cascob Brook and the Builth Road Dulas. Most encouraging of all was the response from landowners, who realise the rationale behind the work and the undoubted benefits that accrue.

Regeneration of bankside vegetation following the fencing out of stock on the Gladestry, an upper Lugg tributary. The river has narrowed and deepened, providing much better habitat for juvenile salmonids.

One of many blockages on the upper Lugg spawning streamsA Foundation built watergate on the Gladestry.

This project links with others on the Lugg and Arrow:

Work completed by WUF in the Lugg and Arrow