Pipeline and WFD Project 2008 - 2009

The Foundation was very fortunate to secure funding at a time when our substantial ERDF projects had been completed. This enabled the momentum of our habitat restoration to continue. The National Grid Enhancement Fund (christened the "Pipeline Project") and The Water Framework Directive Fund both made substantial contributions towards river restoration. For the first time, we engaged with the Monnow Fisheries Association to undertake habitat restoration in parts of the Monnow catchment.

Both these projects enabled us to target areas across the catchments that were in most urgent need of restoration. Both finished in 2009 and we attach detailed reports of actions taken as two PDFs:

National Grid Final Report.pdf

WFD Fund Final Report.pdf

Revetment work to prevent erosion on the upper Wye tributary, the Clywedog, carried out with funding from WFD.

The upper Usk near Trecastle, fenced off within the Pipeline Project in 2009. The increased river corridor vegetation will stabilise the banks and reduce erosion.