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The advent of the proactive stage of the Water Framework Directive has allowed some funding to be channelled to the Wye through two sources:

This aim of the funding is to improve failing water bodies, for example: those where fish are prevented from accessing; those with habitat issues and those suffering from diffuse pollution.

WUF completed three WFD funded projects and assisted with a fourth in partnership with the Monnow Fisheries Association.

The Arrow Access Project

This takes forward the work done in Leader + to secure access for salmon and trout to the middle and upper reaches of the river. There were four fish passes built in 2010.

1. New Mills

New Mills

2. Hunton - a baulk fish pass


3. Kington - Arrowmills

The impassable rock weir at Arrowmills (below left) presented an unusual fish passage problem in that nothing could be attached to it (i.e. a fish pass). We opted for a pre-barrage downstream (below right) that causes the pool below the weir to fill in high flows (bottom photo), allowing fish to swim over.


4. Foundry - a baulk fish pass


River Garren Access Project

In 2010, we started creating fish access on the Garren which enters the Wye near Goodrich. In that year we completed the removal of a weir and an old eel trap which blocked the river, the lowering of another and easement of two other potential obstacles.


Forge weir – the Garren’s lowest obstruction. A second step makes fish passage impossible. Ideally the whole structure would have benefitted from lowering. However, the pool backs up and fish can now easily pass.

The third WFD funded project report may be viewed by accessing the PDF here. The final WFD project is still progressing and details will be posted when complete.