Who's Who in the Wye and Usk Foundation

Simon EvansDr Stephen Marsh-SmithLouis MacDonald-AmesJohn LawsonGuy Linley-AdamsWendy LodgeAllyson WilliamsSeth Johnson-MarshallMike WilliamsMeyrick AmesPeter LoughranAdam FisherHaydn ProbertKate AdamsLiz Price

The Trustees have appointed the following officers to deal with the Foundation's day-to-day affairs:-


Water Resources Consultant: John Lawson
The Foundation is extremely fortunate to have the services of John Lawson whose career in civil engineering (Halcrows) has involved him in the water resources industry for over 40 years

Public Relations Consultant: Graham Paskett
We are also very grateful to Paskett PR for expertise and help with press releases and other external communication.

Environment & Fisheries Law Consultant: Guy Linley-Adams
Guy has kindly agreed to be our Honorary Legal Advisor. His expertise in this area is second to none having previously worked with the Marine Conservation Society, the ACA and Fish Legal.

The Foundation is guided by a Steering Group comprising:-

  • Chris Bell (Environment Agency)
  • Patrick Darling (Wye Salmon Fishery Owners, WUF)
  • Robert Denny (Monnow Rivers Association)
  • Chris Dyson (Natural Resources Wales)
  • Simon Evans (WUF)
  • Catrin Grimstead (Natural Resources Wales)
  • John Gibbs (WUF)
  • Peter Gough (Natural Resources Wales)
  • Darylle Hardy (Radnorshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Alan Jones (Environment Agency)
  • Bev Lewis (Brecknock Wildlife Trust)
  • Dr Stephen Marsh-Smith (WUF) Chair
  • Chris Rees (Natural Resources Wales)
  • Norman Tyler (Country Landowners Association)